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What Our Clients Say

We take pride in providing exceptional service to our valued clients. Here are some of the things they have to say about us.

Google Review by Patrick O'Leary, Buffalo, NY

The attention to detail, the communication and the effort of the guys to show up and work in the pouring rain was incredible. They were early too!! I never expected them to work in the rain but they just went about it, got the pool working perfectly, offered other services if needed, left the place clean and were just really good guys. Jesse made a personal call back to me to be sure everything was done right and I made sure to tell him the guys did a great job. Jesse - you’re building a business based on great customer service! Thank you! If you’re reading this and need help with your pool - hire this company!

Google Review by Jason Sears, Buffalo, NY

Had a leak in my inground pool that I could not track down, but was pretty confident was around the skimmer because of where the water was showing up in the yard. Called on a Saturday and they were able to get a crew out that Monday. Pressure test found everything with the skimmer was fine, but the leak was on the return right where the fitting connects to the flex line under the concrete. It wasn’t anywhere near where I was getting swampy grass so I never would have found it. This would be a major expense to repair with having to rip up concrete, fix the fitting then re-concrete. The pool tech suggested just capping the return off and using an unused return he noticed I had instead so it would be just a minor job of swapping some plumbing around at the filter, saving me thousands. They even pressure tested the unused line to make sure it would work. Really impressed with that kind of honesty and I know I’ll recommend this company in the future.

Google Review by Eric Rotella, Niagara Falls, NY

Jesse and his crew always on time and respectful. My experience with Jesse has been always great. Honest with products to use for the pool, tips on ways to save and what is a need vs what is just a want.
Always fast and falls with in the 2 hour timeline given.
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